Treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

We will provide comprehensive treatment for cervical osteochondrosis under the guidance of highly qualified doctors. As part of treatment, we will select the appropriate type of treatment and provide a range of advice on nutrition, physical activity and lifestyle.

Osteochondrosis of the neck: causes of presentation

Effective treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine in Minsk provides patients with a comprehensive diagnosis, allowing doctors to determine the cause of the development of the pathology. If you figure out what's causing the disease, you can prescribe an effective course of treatment that eliminates all existing violations.

The main causes of osteochondrosis in the neck region are:

  • Frequent shaking of the head (due to occupation or performance of certain jobs);
  • Incorrect body posture (a sedentary lifestyle);
  • metabolic diseases;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • high-intensity exercise;
  • Diseases and abnormalities in spine development.

Most of the time, the disease affects older people, has genetic factors or bad habits. Also at risk are patients who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are overweight, or regularly experience excessive physical activity.

The course and treatment characteristics of cervical osteochondrosis

The neck is one of the most loaded parts of the body. Under the influence of long-term static load, the intervertebral disc is destroyed. This causes them to thin and deteriorate in depreciation properties - osteochondrosis. The disease is manifested in:

  • Neck pain and tightness when bending and turning the head;
  • persistent tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles;
  • coordination disorders;
  • tinnitus;
  • Headache.
  • Deterioration of hearing and visual function;
  • Back and neck pain and high load - increased pain intensity;
  • Circulatory disturbances, causing numbness in the shoulders, arms, and legs, and a burning sensation in the chest;
  • pseudopain in the heart area;
  • dizziness, sometimes - fainting;
  • There is a creaking noise when moving the head.
The comprehensive treatment of diseases in modern clinics is based on manual therapy. This method allows you to consistently eliminate existing violations as it affects why they occur. Thanks to the course of the course, it is possible to restore normal range of motion of the joints, relieve pain, eliminate associated symptoms, nerve compression and avoid complications.
Symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis

To increase efficiency, chiropractors' treatment of cervical osteochondrosis is supplemented with the following procedures:

  • Spinal traction - normalizes the distance between the vertebrae, which allows you to release restricted nerve roots and increase the range of motion of the affected joints;
  • Therapeutic massage - relaxes spasmodic muscles, increases the tension of the relaxed muscles, activates blood flow to the affected area, thereby enhancing the nutrition of cartilage tissue and helping to accelerate the regeneration of damaged discs;
  • Reflexology - Effects on acupuncture points for quick relief of neck and head pain, increased blood flow and tissue nutrition.
  • Exercise therapy is a group of therapeutic exercises designed to eliminate pain, improve spinal mobility, and build a strong muscle corset.

Features of manual therapy for cervical osteochondrosis

The procedure involves the use of various methods, the main ones being:

  • Manipulation - involves precise movements designed to "reduce" the vertebrae and restore the normal anatomy of the cervical region;
  • Mobilization - allows you to increase the mobility of the affected joints and eliminate spasms;
  • Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR) is the gentlest technique that provides gentle relaxation, pain relief and normalization of muscle tone.
Manipulative treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

At the first meeting, the attending physician performs manual diagnosis by palpation, evaluating the findings of the study (neurological diagnosis, MRI, etc. ), which not only determines the most effective exposure method, but also detects contraindications.

This is a very important point because not only inappropriate exposure, but also ignorance of the associated disease can lead to serious complications. Therefore, the qualifications and experience of experts in the field directly affect the outcome and effectiveness of treatment.

Prevention of cervical osteochondrosis

Very important in the prevention of osteochondrosis is its prevention. If preventive measures are taken, the development of pathology and complications such as diseases of the heart, kidneys and digestive organs can be avoided. To prevent this problem, you should control your weight, exercise moderately, and avoid hypothermia. On long trips, you will need to use a neck pillow, which will reduce muscle tension.

If osteochondrosis is already present, you can minimize its progression by using:

  • Balanced diet;
  • Warm up regularly with a sedentary lifestyle;
  • wear the correct orthopedic shoes;
  • Hold the back evenly with relaxed shoulder straps;
  • sleeping on an orthopaedic mattress without high pillows;
  • Walk barefoot in summer.

Also, you should do therapeutic exercises, which will help support the muscles and eliminate discomfort. In the modern center you can perform exercise therapy under the guidance of qualified specialists.

The modern center offers comprehensive treatment of the disease, the assistance of qualified doctors with extensive practical experience, and a full range of medical procedures using modern high-quality equipment. They guarantee high efficiency of treatment and provide patients with full support at all stages of treatment. Take care of your health now - then you have a great chance of recovery.